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Astronauts and Aliens

Download free activity sheets and information about how to create dynamic family events at libraries to teach the public about NASA and space science. This site contains all the information a library needs to host four fun-filled educational parties with the themes of Star Viewing, the Sun, Astronauts, & Aliens.

Activities to Download

Family Star Gazing Night


Learn more about our solar system and the stars you see at night at a family star viewing party. Gaze at the stars through a telescope, learn a few constellations, and make your own portable guide to the night sky. Discover what stars and planets are currently visible and receive an astronomy calendar that will help plan your star viewing for the rest of the year. At the party, kids can make their own constellation with glow-in-the-dark stars, play educational computer games, make a glow-in the dark planet or star out of clay.

Download the resources kit (all .doc, PDF and PPT files below) in .zip format

Sun Party


The Sun helps keep us alive. It is our nearest star and it provides us with warmth and energy. Come learn more about our star and make a bracelet or key chain that changes color in the Sun's light. Create your own solar clock, view photos of the Sun taken that day from space, and get special glasses that allow you to look directly at the Sun. Never look directly at the Sun without the glasses!

Download the resources kit (all .doc, PDF and PPT files below) in .zip format

Astronauts Party


Have you ever thought about being an astronaut? Come learn more about how to become an astronaut and what life is like in space. View photos of Mars in 3-D, make a rocket, try on some moon shoes, and taste some astronaut food. You'll find out if traveling in space is really for you.

Download the resources kit (all .doc, PDF and PPT files below) in .zip format

Aliens Party


Yellowstone hot springs and aliens: what's the connection? Come to the alien party at your local library and find out. Come face-to-face with some Sea Monkeys and learn about their travels in space. Make some Shrinky Dinks, hear a fun alien story, and find out what scientists really think aliens might look like. Check out some alien-related computer games, and search for your own alien that you can take home with you. Find out why astrobiologists study life on Earth to get new ideas about life in the Universe.

Download the resources kit (all .doc, PDF and PPT files below) in .zip format


Other Helpful Resources

Additional resources to help you put on events.

About the Activities

These activities were developed by the NASA in the Northwest project at Montana State University and were piloted at 11 Montana libraries:

  • Whitehall Community Library
  • Glacier County Library
  • Bitterroot Public Library
  • Fort Belknap College Library
  • Stone Child College Library
  • Fort Peck Tribal Library
  • Stillwater County Library
  • Hearst Free Library
  • Park County Public Library
  • Belgrade Community Library
  • Bozeman Public Library

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