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Resources for Faculty Teaching Online

Desire2Learn Help

Get help with passwords and logging in. See Desire2Learn help files. Learn how to get started. See FAQs. Learn about email in Desire2Learn. See information about downtimes and scheduled maintenance. Do tutorials. See archived webinars. Learn about Respondus and StudyMate Author software. Check out the D2L survey results. Call and talk to a human being. Get help.

Faculty Workshops and Learning Opportunities

Register for free 30- or 90- minute workshops to learn more about the features of Desire2Learn. Gain skills in course design. Arrange for an individual or small group consultation. Complete the "Teaching Online Program" and earn a certificate of completion. More.

Accessible Course Design

Accessible course design supports the needs of all learners to participate fully and effectively in a course. Learn how to organize a course effectively, to set release conditions and special access to support students with different needs, meet web content accessibility standards, refer students to accessibility resources, and use accessible HTML templates. Authored by Brightspace Desire2Learn.

Resources for Teaching with Technology

Technology-based tools and resources to help you improve and enhance your teaching. Learn more about course development, pedagogy, open courseware and learning objects, assessment and evaluation, copyright, research, and MSU policies. Includes readings, bibliographies, self-assessments, grading rubrics, guiding principles, and free digital course content.

D2L Instructor Tools

Help with Accessibility, Attendance, Binder, Book Management, Calendar, Chat, Checklist, Classlist, Competencies, Content, Course Administration, Course Builder, Course Design Accelerator, Discussions, Dropbox, Email, and more.

Excellence in Online Teaching Award

Brock LaMeres
Brock LaMeres, winner of the 2014 Excellence in Online Teaching Award.
The MSU Excellence in Online Teaching Award is presented to individuals who have provided outstanding teaching, course development, mentoring of students, and service to online education. This award recognizes those who have made significant contributions to credit or noncredit programs through inspirational online teaching. Candidates are nominated by online students and reviewed by the MSU Online Advisory Committee, including a student representative.

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