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Total Credits

12 required for Addiction Counseling graduate certificate

Tuition and Fees

$403.50 per credit plus $30 registration fee per semester

Designed for

Students with a B.A. or M.A. in Psychology, Counseling or Sociology who want to work in the area of addiction counseling


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What You Will Earn

Addictions specific course work credits toward the Montana Licensed Addiction Counselor credential. MSU's program has all graduate coursework necessary to pursue licensure at the state level.

Courses are awarded the same regionally accredited academic credit that a student on the Bozeman campus is awarded. Your transcript is identical to those given to on-campus students.


Montana State University is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).

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What You Will Earn

The MSU Addiction Counseling certificate represents 12 addiction specific coursework credits. These credits may be counted toward the Montana Licensed Addiction Counselor credential.

Montana State University will award you an addictions counseling certificate upon successful completion of the 12 credits. MSU also offers elective online credits which complete licensure credits in the State of Montana.


Montana State University offers a series of fully online courses for those interested in working in the addiction counseling field. The program, which is available to both Montana and out-of-state residents, provides coursework that can be applied toward the State of Montana's Addiction Counselor license as well as the national Master Addiction Counselor certification. The program is designed to provide the required coursework for the State of Montana licensure requirements; out-of-state students should check their state’s general licensing criteria. State licensure also requires additional coursework, clinical internship and a board exam.

This program is an academic preparation program that prepares students to become LAC – eligible in Montana. Significantly, this is a graduate certificate program – not a master’s degree program. Students must have a Bachelor degree in a relevant field with a GPA of 3.0 to apply. That said, many come to the addictions counseling field with a variety of academic backgrounds and experience.

Students must earn 12 credits of addictions specific coursework in order to earn the addiction counseling graduate certificate from MSU. State licensure requirements are different, and students will be advised to take additional MSU coursework to meet these requirements. The MSU Addiction Counseling Certificate provides individual academic advisement and tailors students program of study based on individual student academic backgrounds.

Students with a B.A. or M.A. degree in psychology, counseling or sociology may complete the 12 required addiction counseling credits in one or two years. Prerequisite coursework for the State of Montana licensure depends upon on your educational background.

The MSU Addiction Counseling Program Director can help you with any advisement or prerequisite questions:

See the Licensed Addiction Counselor Certificate Program Web site.

The program is offered through Montana State Online by the MSU College of Education, Health and Human Development.

To learn more about state licensure, see the State of Montana Licensed Addiction Counselor Program Web site.

Requirements for Addiction Counseling Certificate

Complete the required 12 credits of any addictions specific (LAC) graduate courses to receive the MSU addiction counseling certificate.

Additional classes are required for the state license and may be available through Montana State Online.


Academic advisement is provided to help tailor students' programs of study to become LAC-eligible.

  • Katey Franklin, M.Ed., LCPC, Program Director
  • Sachin Jain, PhD, adjunct instructor
  • Teresa Christensen, PhD, adjunct instructor
  • Rebecca Koltz, PhD, NCC, LCPC
  • Tamara Tribitt, M.Ed.
  • Christen Wathen, PhD, NCC, LAC
  • Sean Roberts, MS, NCC, LPC

How do I get my Montana license for addiction counseling?

Potential students must:

The application is for a complete audit of potential students' transcripts and course work and to see what is needed for State LAC licensing.

Montana Licensed Addiction Counselor Program
301 S. Park Ave., 4th Floor
PO Box 200513
Helena, MT 59620-0513
406.841.2392 phone; 406.841-2305 fax

Are there other requirements for my state license?

All applicants seeking licensure as addiction counselors in Montana must:

  • provide documentation of 1,000 clinical internship hours
  • complete the state board exam
  • verify the completion of 270 hours of course work or training specific to chemical dependency/addiction and counseling

Note: Each credit hour of approved MSU course work is equivalent to 15 hours for state licensure purposes. This means that 225 of the hours required for the state license can be completed with the MSU addiction courses.

See the state application (PDF) for more details.

For More Information

About the Program

Contact Katey Franklin, Program Director, at or (406) 994-3245.

About the Application Process

Contact Lisa Brown, Program Manager, at or (406) 994-3062.

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