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Publisher test banks for use with Respondus applications are available for many of the leading textbooks in higher education. Instructors who adopt a participating textbook can obtain a ready-to-use test bank that is compatible with their Respondus and/or StudyMate Author software.

After ascertaining that a test bank is available instructors must take steps to request access to the file and download the test bank to their local computer's Respondus Projects file area - and then upload the test bank questions into D2L via Respondus exam file(s).

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First Step:

Request the file code and password to access the test bank.

Locate the test bank for an instructor's adopted textbook.*

While in the most current version of Respondus (we recommend you "Check for Update" via the Help menu while in Respondus to stay current), you can select the Test Bank Network button located on the Start tab of Respondus:

Respondus testbank button

Search for the textbook. After locating it, select the "More Information" link associated with the title. On the resulting page, select the check box next to the "Yes, I have adopted the textbook indicated above for my course. Please send me the file code and password needed to access the test bank for use with my Respondus application(s)." statement, fill out the contact information and the file code and password will be sent via email.

Note also:
The "Publisher Test Banks in Respondus Format" page is available directly to make a request to get access to the Publisher's Test Bank for a textbook.

To access this area of the Respondus web site go here:

*Not all textbooks have test banks located in the Respondus Test Bank network.

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Second Step:

Download the Test Bank questions:

After you have received the file code and password that is sent via email you'll use the information to access and use the test bank.

Watch this movie for steps on how to use the Test Bank Network button to create Respondus files for upload into Desire2Learn:

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Third Step:

Upload the Respondus quiz (quizzes) into D2L

As normal, publish the test bank quizzes (files) into D2L.

Note that the questions, once published to D2L via the quiz, are associated with the QUIZ and not yet associated with the Questions Library. It is advantageous to have the questions in the Questions Library (utilize ability to set up random sets of questions etc.) so instructors will want to move the questions into the Questions Library at one point also. Or not.

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