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About your D2L Email

Overview: In the Desire2Learn Learning Environment, users can set it up so that they can forward their email out of the system to another external email address and elect to send copies of sent messages to a "default" external email address associated with their D2L account. Users can also send email into the D2L system.

Default email address inside D2L:
For the majority of MSU-Bozeman participants* the D2L system uses the "Preferred E-mail Address" (recorded in Banner) as the default external email address associated with their account in the D2L system. MSU-Bozeman D2L Users can set up their "Preferred E-mail Address" via the Secure Area of My Info (in Banner).

Important Note:
The D2L email system is a separate email system - different from other MSU email systems. Users must access D2L in order to use D2L email.

Setting up, maintaining and monitoring email addresses related to D2L is the responsibility of both instructor and student users.

To read more information pertaining to the D2L Email system in use at MSU-Bozeman's instance of the D2L Learning Environment go to this link:

*The majority of MSU-Bozeman Desire2Learn participants have a "first.last" D2L username specific to their D2L account but there are individuals with special accounts that are used that do not utilize the Banner system. These participants will need to contact D2L Support Staff if they wish the default email associated with their account in D2L to be changed.


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