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Building and managing your course structure

Build your course structure by adding modules and placeholders to the course tree. Modules and placeholders are valuable during the initial stages of course planning, helping you plan your course before you create its content. For example, if you haven't determined what your midterms and tests will be, you can drag quiz placeholders from the toolbox into the course tree to plan where you might want to add them. You can add notes to module and placeholder descriptions about course content you intend to develop and learning objectives you want your students to achieve. You can also choose to add real content as you build your course by creating and adding objects to the course tree.

Instructional designers can also leverage Course Builder's structure capabilities by building course outlines that promote instructional design best practises. These structures can be shared using Copy Course Components from one course to another for instructors to populate with appropriate content. When you copy components from another course, Course Builder captures their structure and content in the course tree. Course Builder also retains the hierarchy and associations between modules, placeholders, links, HTML files, discussions, dropboxes, quizzes, grade items, and learning objectives.

  1. Add a module or placeholder
  2. Edit a module or placeholder
  3. Copy and paste module and placeholder structure
  4. Copy structure from another course

Add a module or placeholder

  1. From the Build Outline section of the toolbox, do one of the following:
    • Drag a module or placeholder into the course tree in the location you want.
    • Click on a module or placeholder element. From the Select a location pop-up window, click on the location you want to add your module or placeholder.
  2. Enter a Name and add Notes if you want.
  3. Set date restrictions, if applicable.
  4. Click Create.

Edit a module or placeholder

  1. In the course tree, select the module or placeholder you want to edit.
  2. In the Selected Node Panel, click Edit Module or Edit Placeholder.
  3. In the pop-up window, make the changes you want to its Name or Notes.
  4. Click Save.

Copy and paste module and placeholder structure

You can copy modules and placeholders to another section in your course where you want similar structure. When you copy a module, its child modules and placeholders are also copied.

  1. Select the placeholder or structure you want to copy.
  2. In the module or placeholder's context menu, click Copy Structure or Copy Placeholder.
  3. In the context menu of the node or closest node to the location you want to insert your placeholder or structure, click Paste After, Paste Before, or Paste As Child.

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Copy structure from another course

  1. Go to the Import/Export/Copy Components page by doing one of the following:
    • Click Edit Course on your course navbar, then click Import/Export/Copy Components.
    • In the Course Administration widget on your course homepage, click Import/Export/Copy Components.
  2. Select Copy Components from Another Org Unit, and click Start.
  3. Select the org unit you want to copy components from:
    • Choose Existing Offering to copy components from another course offering you are enrolled in. You can select an offering from the list or click Search for offering to find the course offering using a pop-up search window.
    • Choose Parent Template of Current Offering to copy components from the course template the current course offering belongs to.
  4. Select the check box beside the components you want to copy and click Continue. To copy only certain items from a component, choose Select individual items to copy. This allows you to select individual quizzes, discussions, dropbox folders, etc.
  5. Confirm your choices and click Continue to begin copying.
  6. When the process is finished, click Finish. When you open Course Builder, your copied structure and content should appear in the course tree.

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