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Desire2Learn LE Version 9.2 - Instructor

Overview: Here are three basic tools/features found in D2L LE 9.2 that Instructors can put to use in their D2L course(s).

Add/Remove Tools Intelligent Agents Rubrics

Add/Remove Tools:

"Add/Remove Tools" gives tool customization abilities to instructors in terms of what tools show up on the Course Navigation Bar.

How to do it:

1. Login to D2L. Access the course you wish to adjust the tool display in by selecting the "Edit Course" link.

"Edit Course" link image

2. Under the "Administration" sub-heading (left - second sub-heading down), select the "Tools" icon.

select"Tools" icon image

Note: renaming or customizing the tool help is not available in this iteration.

3. A list of tools will appear in a 3-column table.

three column display image

4. Icons are used to change the status of a tool and indicate the status of the tool in the "Active" column.

activate tool icon image   a green checkmark indicates
that the tool is activated


inactivate tool icon image   a red 'X' indicates that
the tool is inactivated


reset to default icon image   use the white arrow in a blue field icon to reset the tool to it's default state

5. Select a tool you wish to activate, inactivate or reset by selecting the corresponding checkbox and then selecting the icon corresponding to the action you wish to pursue.

In the example below the user intends to set the state of the "Audio Capture" tool to inactive in the course. The checkbox associated with the "Audio Capture" tool has been selected and the red 'x' is about to be clicked.

select a tool image

6. After selecting the icon and then selecting the "Save" button the "Active" column reflects the status of the tool. The "Active" column shows any changes that have occurred. Users should be sure to select "Save" after selecting the action to take or no change(s) will occur.

save inactivated tool image

Now, wherever "Audio Capture" appears in the course (like, for instance, the compose area of a discussion posting) it will no longer appear to the participants.


It takes time for any changes made in this tool to propagate through the D2L system. The change is NOT instantaneous. Instructors using this tool must have patience for any tool related changes to appear or be reflected in the course offering.


  • Instructors should create an explanatory document describing which tools they are electing to use in the course and which tools they will not use in the course.
  • Caution should be exercised when inactivating major course tools.
  • Timing issues should also be taken into consideration - generally speaking, instructors should make changes prior to the beginning of a new semester as opposed to during the semester UNLESS they notify students prior to making the change(s).

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Intelligent Agents:

Intelligent agents monitor a course (or an org unit such as a Department or College) to find activity that matches criteria that users set. The criteria that the agents search for are:

  • login activity
  • course activity
  • release conditions in Learning Environment

Instructors can use existing release conditions, or create new ones for agents. The agent then sends a separate email to the user that created the agent when it finds users matching its criteria.

Users can run agents manually or set them to run on a schedule; daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.

Go to this link for more information:

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Rubrics have always been available in the D2L interface but now they have been more centrally located for ease of use. For instance, you'll find an "Add Rubric" button available on the Properties tab of the Dropbox area, Quizzes area and Survey area.

For more information on Rubrics visit:

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