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Desire2Learn LE Version 10.2 - Student and Instructor

Overview: Desire2Learn Learning Environment Version 10.2 (D2L LE v10.2) features new tool functionality in several places and also includes enhanced strategies related to navigation and workflow within the interface.

This page details some basic features of D2L LE 10.2 that both Students and Instructors will encounter in this most current version of the D2L Learning Environment.

Click on links below for more information on specific areas related to D2L LE Version 10.2 at MSU-Bozeman

Highlighted changes My Home Nav Bar  Course home - students
Course home - instructors Navigate via mini-bar Email compose screen
Session expiry notices  
D2L 10.2 features guide   D2L 10.1 information

Highlighted changes in D2L LE Version 10.2

Version 10.2 features for both Students and Instructors:

  • New look for the MSU-Bozeman D2L interface:
    • MSU-Bozeman styling update - color changes related to widgets and space
    • redesigned homepages and widgets
  • Streamlined look and functionality for
    • Content
    • Discussions
  • Compose email message screen has been re-designed
  • New look HTML editor:
    • in many areas of the interface the HTML editor has a new look to it
  • Friendlier expiry function
    • when a user session is close to expiring the user is warned, if the session expires a login dialogue allows the user to login and preserve their work
  • Drag and drop
    • more areas of the interface feature drag and drop functionality
  • Document viewer has been improved and is available in more areas
    • Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF files are read "in-line" in additional areas of the course

Additional v10.2 features for Instructors:

  • Content Area
    • overview area now in table of contents
    • content map always available via an expandable left panel
    • editing is "in-line" and bulk editing available
    • drag and drop (includes multiple files) without leaving the viewer
    • completion summaries (New)
    • user progress (enhanced)
  • Discussions Area
    • reader view default (sunset of Grid View)
    • restore deleted discussion forums and topics
    • structure - click to expand and collapse topics
    • posts within topic automatically marked as "read"
  • View User Progress
    • class progress
    • individual progress summary
  • Dropbox
    • restore deleted folders
    • bulk upload and download of feedback
    • due date vs. end date
  • Grades
    • restore deleted grade item via Event Log
    • grades now display chosen scheme vs. just points
    • Milestone calculation - new calculation method which ensures that the total score is the sum of the denominators of the chosen grade items - rather than scaling the excluded items to total 100%

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D2L MyHome Nav Bar

The "My Home" and "Course Home" pages have nav bars that are specific to the home or course area. A navigational minibar is at the top of every page.

For the "My Home" page you'll see this:

D2L v10.2 screenshot - MyHome Navagation Bar explained

The look of both the My Home and Course Home page areas have been changed - widget colors now utilize a gray color range.

The minibar remains dark blue and persists throughout the D2L session; the "My Home" nav bar includes a link to the Calendar, a D2L Help drop menu, an MSU Resources drop menu, a link to the individual's Locker area and the date (which doubles as a link to Calendar tool). The My Home nav bar changes to the Course Home nav bar (and area) when a participant navigates into a course.

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When at a Course Home page students will see this:

D2L v10.2 screenshot - learner course home page

The most commonly used tools appearing in the course home page nav bar and those appearing in the "Course Resources" drop down menu may change dependent on whether or not the instructor or designer has elected to add/remove tools specific to the course.

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When at a Course Home page instructors will see this:

D2L v10.2 screenshot - instructor course home page


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You can use the mini-bar as a navigational aid:

Use the "Select a course..." area to go into a course...

D2L v10.2 screenshot - click on "Select a course..." in the mini-bar

Courses that you are involved with display in a list that falls out below.

D2L v10.2 screenshot - courses fall out in a list


Select the course that you wish to access.


D2L v10.2 screenshot - selecting the course link to access the course


If it is a course that you will access regularly and/or there are many courses on your course list you can "Pin" the course link to the top of the list by selecting the "Pin" icon.


D2L v10.2 screenshot - pinning the course to the top of the list by clicking on the pin icon


Access Course Home page easily

When in a course, from any area of the course, select the course name in the minibar and you will be taken back to the course home page.

D2L v10.2 screenshot - select the course name in the mini-bar to get back to the course home page


Access My Home page easily

Select the "My Home" link to get back to your My Home area regardless of where you are in any course.

D2L v10.2 screenshot - use the My Home link to return to your My Home area

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Email Compose screen

The email compose screen has a new look and has improved functionality.

  • CC and BCC fields hidden by default
  • drag and drop in the attachments area
  • the "Send Results" page will only display when there are errors

D2L v10.2 screenshot - the compose window of the email area

Note also: The To, CC, and BCC fields will auto-complete for any personal contacts in a user's address book.

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Session expiry behavior

When a session in D2L is close to expiring due to inactivity a warning will appear. If no action is taken then a new log in dialogue box will show:

D2L v10.2 screenshot - You've been away dialogue box

Note: No longer does log in via the dialogue box take the user back to the My Home page - the log in takes the user back to the same place they were in a course when the session expired.


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D2L LE Version 10.2 features guide

The features guide (below) is from May of 2013. D2L notes that "This is pre-release information for Learning Environment 10.2. The functionality, screens, and configuration of features in this guide are subject to change before release."

Click on the link below to access a 3 MB pdf file with information about the features associated with the v 10.2 upgrade.

D2L LE Version 10.2 features guide

MSU-Bozeman D2L is upgrading to version 10.2

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BTW: D2L LE Version 10.1

The 4 MSU campuses elected to skip upgrading to version 10.1 in December of 2012 and elected instead to upgrade to version 10.2 here in August of 2013. Some of the features contained in version 10.1 inform the version 10.2 upgrade that is currently in place. Here is some documentation specific to version 10.1 that can help in understanding version 10.2.

Click on the link below to access a 4.25 MB pdf file with information about the features associated with the v 10.1 upgrade.

D2L LE Version 10.1 features guide

Content area and User Progress videos: Directly below are links to videos that Desire2Learn has produced to show 2 features that are present in D2L LE v10.1.*

Video will play in a separate window or tab dependent on browser settings.


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*Note that some of the tools referenced in D2L documentation are not tools that are utilized in the Montana State University - Bozeman D2L instance. Note further that MSU's look (My Home page, Course Home page) will differ from the look in documentation produced by D2L.

These are the major highlights of D2L LE 10.2 for Students and Instructors. Note that there are additional features in Version 10.2 that are not outlined on this page.


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