Montana State University

How to Get Your Grades

The Office of Continuing Education at Extended University offers both face-to-face and online learning opportunities:

  • Degree Programs
  • Certificate Programs
  • Professional Development
  • Summer Field Study Programs
  • Study Abroad
  • Leisure and Lifelong Learning
  • Youth Programs

Options to Obtain Grades and Transcripts

For Official Transcript:

You can request an Official Transcript from the Registrar.

For Grades or an Unofficial Transcript:

Visit MyInfo

  1. Click on "Enter Secure Area"
  2. Enter User ID - Social Security # (enter without dashes) or MSU Student ID (enter with preceding dash)
  3. Enter PIN #
  4. Click on "Student Services"
  5. Click on "Student Records"
  6. Click on "Final Grades" or "Academic Transcript"

If you need assistance, please contact the Office of the Registrar and Enrollment Services at (406) 994-6650.

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