Colony Collapse: What Makes Bees Sick?

Honey bees are the primary pollinator of the United States’ food supply, and many Montana beekeepers transport their bees throughout the U.S. to pollinate crops such as almonds. Honey bees live in large family groups called colonies. When these colonies get sick, they can die, or “collapse.” Unfortunately, nearly 30% of colonies collapse each winter in the U.S.

Lesson Overview

In this lesson, students will learn about bee colony collapse disorder (CCD) by watching a recorded talk by MSU graduate student Alex McMenamin and following along with a hands-on colony collapse activity. Students will use critical thinking skills to learn about the causes of colony collapse.

Learning Outcomes:



Length: 40 minutes
Grades: 5 - 10

Author: Alex McMenamin

Visit the Teen Science Cafe Network website for more information about Alex and Teen Science Cafes in Montana and other rural areas.

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Materials Needed:

   Watch Teen Science Cafe webinar, "What Makes Bees Sick?," presented by the author.



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