Go Geocaching With Us!

Learn about Montana's Climate!

Join MSU Academic Technology & Outreach and the Montana Institute on Ecosystems in a statewide geocaching project linked to the publication of the Montana Climate Assessment (MCA).

We are hiding one MCA Geocoin -- a trackable game piece -- in every Montana county (56 in all!)
Each Geocoin will be placed in a geocache (a cleverly hidden container discoverable by GPS coordinates).

Each MCA Geocoin has a unique tracking code, and geocachers who discover a Geocoin can log it online and then move it to another geocache. A map of each coin’s movements can be found on Geocaching.com. Each MCA Geocoin also has an educational moment built into its online description so those who find it can learn about Montana’s climate.

The map above shows the LAUNCH LOCATIONS of each county MCA Geocoin. Green "house" icons designate Geocoins in the hands of geocachers but not yet activated at geocaching.com (and, by default, are plotted at the county seat.) Counties with the red "hiker" icon have activated Geocoins, reflect the actual launch location, and are linked to geocaching.com where more details are available.


Wow! In less than three weeks, every one of Montana’s 56 counties has been “adopted” by a member of the geocaching community. Many of the MCA Geocoins have already been launched, and the rest will soon be placed in caches for their journey around Montana and beyond. Each time a cacher discovers a coin, they can learn about the Montana Climate Assessment, a scientific document that was published in September 2017, as well as interesting facts about all of Montana’s counties.

Be sure to check the map above to see the status of the coins as they are activated and launched.

Special thanks to our volunteer geocaching team:
AKA Shutterbug, Arliecon, awickham, bar-brat, blackdogsMT, bmxer4life04, bozofinder, Bud63, Carter Co. Museum, CJVthe1MB, climbingdivers, DairyMedic, danferestad, Day:), DC.Hiker, dgsnfltg, Diesel350, fishpole59270, freedancer, grammyspeeps , Hermandagerman & frauline, Hermandagerman &frauline, Jangie, Jennifer&Dean, lakeman&tagalong, leftoutbuc2, LewM & SandiM, Logan_Clan, LolosDream, MDIWade, Montana CPR Guy, MT Chicas, Mtdelphis, Pathfinder33, Rug Cutters, sandmanclan, Scooby Patrol, SGT red jeep, skdavison, Smile Makers, stmpspaz, swmprat1, TeamTaylorMT, TheRoamingArmadillo, WeRMusic, whiplash1024, Zachbain13

This outreach project was developed by MSU Extended University as a partner of Montana NSF EPSCoR. This project is based on work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant EPS-1101342. Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.


GeocachingInterested in learning more about geocaching? Check out this blog by geocacher, and MCA geocoin launcher, Jangie (aka. @geojangie).

Although she lives just across the border in North Dakota, she has adopted a view of the more challenging MCA coins in the eastern parts of Montana. An experienced geocacher, Jangie offeres lots of tips, tricks and encouragement for novice geocachers. In her latest blog article, she writes about participating in the MCA Geocoin project!

You can read her blog at Geocaching Jangie -- Adventures of a North Dakotan Geocaching Family.

From the Mineral Museum!


For more information about CLIMB please contact:
Suzi Taylor
Director of Outreach
Montana State University Academic Technology & Outreach
Email: outreach@montana.edu