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Go Green with Videoconferencing

Interactive Videoconferencing Saves Time, Gas and Money!

Consider these innovative ideas:

  • Academic courses: Share your MSU-Bozeman course with other MUS schools, or collaborate on course design with a colleague at another university. Or, be creative and blend technologies: online teaching + videoconferencing.
  • Connect with donors and friends: This fall, football Coach Rob Ash videoconferenced weekly with the MSU Quarterback Club. Think about how YOU can interact with donors and friends.
  • Personnel/Hiring: Interview candidates for MSU positions without incurring travel costs.
  • Student Internships/Careers: MSU students who are interning or studying abroad can reconnect with their professors back in Bozeman. And, MSU students have successfully interviewed for jobs via videoconference!
  • Continuing education/Outreach: Develop a class, lecture or seminar that can be shared with Montana communities or K-12 schoolsówe'll help you find them. You can also write VC outreach into grant proposals.
  • Guest lecture: Students with the MSU Astrobiology Institute connect monthly with NASA for presentations. You can also bring in a guest speaker or alumnus.
  • Student recruitment: If a student can't come to Bozeman, maybe he or she would like to meet a professor or current MSU student via videoconference.
  • Meetings/Professional Development: Instead of traveling to a meeting or conference, see if you can attend via VC. Do you really want to drive to Helena again??
  • Collaborative Research: Write a grant proposal with colleagues at other universities, then work together and stay in touch via videoconferencing.

More than 125 Montana communities have videoconference facilities. Many are located in K-12 schools, as well as hospitals, courthouses and other public buildings. And, videoconference facilities are located all over the world! MSU students, staff and faculty have VC'd to locations like Mali, Norway, and Brazil.

For details, contact the MSU Burns Technology Center ó 406-994-6550 or

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