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Videoconferencing connects two or more groups of people via a live, two-way video connection. A videoconference enables people to interact much as if they were in the same room, although they may be half a world apart. The BTC offers highest-quality ISDN (phone line) connections plus IP (Internet Protocol) for high speed video conferencing.  Montana is fortunate to have many videoconference sites well positioned around the state which offer a strong connection to both rural and more populated areas. Video conferencing allows a speaker/instructor/expert to be "beamed in" at a fraction of what travel would cost.

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Go Green with Videoconferencing!

Interactive videoconferening saves time, gas and money. More than 125 Montana communities have videoconference facilities. Many are located in K-12 schools, as well as hospitals, courthouses and other public buildings. And, videoconference facilities are located all over the world! Join the MSU faculty, students and staff who have used it to take and deliver academic courses, connect with donors and friends, interview job candidates, and more.

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