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Exploring new ideas and methods is crucial to enriching education and improving quality of life. We help students of all ages take advantage of learning opportunities that technology and great instruction make possible.

Spotlight's On:

See the award-winning Science of the Springs, a full-color, pocket-sized booklet that provides an overview of the connection between astrobiology research and Yellowstone National Park. Read at home or while visiting Yellowstone National Park.

Earn a Graduate Certificate in Science Teaching online in either Chemistry, Earth Science, Elementary School Science, Life Science, or Physics from Montana State University.

Tornadoes! Kids, learn what they are. Why do they form? Where are they most common? When do they form? Make your own! (PDF)

Extended University in the News:

Online course helps parents, professionals assist traumatized children
Friday, August 8th, 2014--A new online course from Montana State University combines neurobiology research and practical experience to help students, parents, adoption workers, family services professionals, clergy, teachers, counselors and legal advocates better understand adverse childhood events so they can prepare to work with children who have been traumatized.

MSU's online graduate courses for science teachers open for fall registration
Thursday, August 7th, 2014--Summary: MSU Extended University’s fall online courses for science teachers are now open for enrollment.

Admission deadline is July 1 for MSU online bachelor’s degree completion program
Friday, June 13th, 2014--Students who wish to apply for admission to Montana State University’s online bachelor's degree completion program must submit all enrollment materials by July 1 in order to start classes this fall.

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