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Astrobiology Short Course

About The Astrobiology Short Course

This interactive course is designed to give you an introduction to Astrobiology that you can work through at your own pace and return to at any time. Filled with activities to further your knowledge of the subject as well as use with your students, this course emphasizes biology in the early sections and space exploration in the later sections. The interdisciplinary nature of Astrobiology allows you to use information from this course in classes on topics such as earth science, biology, chemistry, and more.

Designed for upper elementary and middle school teachers, this course also contains relevant information and resources for formal and informal educators working with other age groups. This course was developed by the Astrobiology and LIfe in Extreme Environments (ALEE) and the National Teachers Enhancement Network at MSU with support from the NASA Astrobiology Institute (NAI). The authors are Larry Morris and Donna Governor.

The course consists of four units covering topics such as life, DNA, evolution, and our solar system. Each sub-unit includes interactive activities that will clarify the concepts being taught and reinforce your learning; short assessments for self-testing your knowledge; and links to additional resources, lesson plans, and classroom activities.

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