Montana State University

Astronomy & Aerospace Day

Photo by Ryan Hannahoe and Salvatore Grasso

Sunday, April 9, 2017 at the Museum of the Rockies from 1 to 4 pm

Astronomy & Aerospace Day is a free afternoon of astronomy- and aerospace-related events for kids and adults.

The afternoon includes speakers, exhibits, kids' activities (in the Redstart classroom), and the planetarium show, Einstein's Gravity Playlist (shown throughout the event).


image of Angela C. Des JardinsAngela C. Des Jardins
Director, Montana Space Grant Consortium
1 pm

Angela C. Des Jardins is the director of the Montana Space Grant Consortium, part of a national network working to strengthen aerospace research and education in the United States. Des Jardin's mission is to use the ability of space to ignite the human sense of wonder. She seeks to engage Montana students, teachers and researchers in aerospace activity, capitalizing on our inherent fascination with discovery and exploration to further the drive to achieve great strides in STEM fields. She conducts research in solar astrophysics with an emphasis on student involvement and cultivates a spirit of service.
image of Jaime WaydoJaime Waydo
X Systems Engineer
Waymo self-driving car program
3 pm

Jamie Waydo heads up the systems engineering team on the self-driving car project for Waymo, formerly known as Google X. She and her team are responsible for architecting the vehicle including details such as deciding what types of sensors to use, what technologies need to be developed for it, test driving the car and certifying that it's road--and people--ready.

Waydo graduated from the Montana State University College of Engineering in 2000 and is former head engineer of the Mars rover "Curiosity" at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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